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Post by Timber on Fri Oct 10, 2014 5:13 pm

You can hear a ringing sound as you fall asleep, a sharp bark, and you awake. The smell of fear is fresh , but there's no one is there. Alone you are, and supplies are running out fast. The food your pack has hunted recently has gone bad, and there is nothing to eat. No deer or hares, not even berries for little Timber to snack on. Simply gone, and your pack with it. Howling is no help, if there are no wolves to help you. Your only chance of survival is finding others, and keeping them with you. Silver Stones, Pure Greens, Blazing Suns, Aqua Mist. They are no more, seeing as everyone is separated. Mate from mate, friend from friend, pack from the Alphas. We are alone here, few of the old pack. In a strange new territory, like a sunken version of our old home. What will become of us? The packs are gone, and we are now set free among the lands, a distance away from each other. Can we find out friends, and family, again? Or will we be sentenced to the life of a loner, living in solitude while sanity slowly drains away from the soul. Will old wolves return, or will we leave? It's most wolves nightmare. Alone, starving, with little hope to comfort the mind, as we cannot comfort each other.

As for packs, this is where you discover where your loyalties lye. There aren't the same amount of places to live as the old home. Packs may split up, or merge together, or new ones could form. Strengths and weaknesses are tested in this land, as wolves have to think like they've never thought before. Could the alphas find their pack in time, before they've decided the life of a loner is better? Or the pack members have already split apart into different groups? There's no way to know, it all depends on the core of your wolfs heart. Evil, or Good. Powerful, or Weak. In the race to figuring out this place, you have to know what matters most to you. What's your first priority? Finding your family and friends, or finding food and shelter? Each territory has it's own dangers. In the deep waters of the swamp, large alligators and crocodiles lurk, or you could simply drown. Lightning strikes out in the grasslands, and snakes bite. Mountain lions lunge on the mountain, and the cold is something none are used to.

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