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Silver the female Empty Silver the female

Post by Silver on Sat Oct 11, 2014 4:09 pm

Name: Silver

Sobriquet: Silv

Name Origin: Silver is the meaning of Strenth, she has no idea why her father named her Silver.

Age: 4 years old (young adult)

Sexuality: is straight, likes males.

Rank: does not matter.

Species: Silver is a timber wolf with some dire wolf.

Coat: Silver's coat is a color of a silver-ish grey, with the tips of her ears with black on them.

Eyes: Silver's eye color is a grey-ish silvery blue, unusual i know.

Height: 32 inches

Weight: 85 pounds

Overall appearance: Silver is a large female wolf compared to other wolves, standing 6 feet and 32 inches tall and weighing at 85 pounds. Silver has a silver-ish grey shaggy coat but its well mantaned, with the tips of her ears black and her eyes are a unusual grey-ish silvery blue color makeing any one who looks at them wander how she got that color for eyes. Her stature is well muscled, she is a prime suspect for hunting, tracking, and fighting along with speed. Traiined since she was of age, Silver's father took it upon him self to train his beloved daughter him self, hense why shes so good at what she does, with Alpha blood in her veinse Silver was a born leader, given the rank as Beta to her fathers pack when she comes of age.

Family: Shadow ( Alpha male, silvers father, still alive) Sedge (silvers mother, Alpha female, dead) Midnight (step mom, new alpha female, alive, killed her real mom for the rank.) Wind Alarm ( silvers oldest brother, soon to be alpha male when he comes of age, still alive) Tricksy ( silvers younger sister, given the rank lead hunter, did not like that so she wanted to fight silver for the rank as beta, silver and tricksy fought, tricksy lost and silver killed her, dead)  Levi (silvers younger brother, Lead warrior, alive) Snow (silvers youngest sister, omega, still alive)

Friends: Timber, Red, Moon, Butcher, Crow.

Eneimes: none that she knows of.

Crush: none right know

Mate: none right know

Childeren: none right know

Personality: Silver is a nice wolf when you get to on know wen her, she does however have a bad temper if you can get her that mad. She sometimes tends to talk to herself when no ones there, something shes been doing since she was a pup. Silver is also protective of her friends and family, mess with them and you'll be sorry. Silver can sometimes get a little overprotective when it comes to a serten friend of family member of hers. Silver has a ergency to run and explore new things, she has an no idea why she does but ever since she was able to walk thats all shes ever done was explore and run. Silver is also very loyal to her pack, if the Alpha says to do something she'll do it with out argument. Silver has three claw marks on her right eye from a fight with her stwp mom.

Past: Silver grew up in a very large pack, with her father as Alpha male, she was trested with respect from her pack mates. Trained since she was able to walk by her father, Silver was a good canidate for any job she was given. Raised with two sisters and two brithers Silver was the middle child. Always having to be better then her oldest brother Wind Alarm. When they became of age to offically join the pack her father proudly annoced Silvers rank to be future Beta, while her brother Wind Alarm took future Alpha male. Now her sister Tricksy was not pleased at all by her father making Sklver future Beta, so one day when Silver was 2 years old Tricksy decided to take matters in her own paws and fight Silver for the rank. In the end Silver beat Tricksy and ended up killing her. When Silver grew to 3 years old a new female wolf entered the pack by the name Midnight. She wanted the rank as Alpha female and knew she would have to fight Silvers mother for that rank. But Silvers mother as well as Silver was trained for anything to come her way, knowing this Midnight waited till Silvers mother was asleep and killed her in cold blood that night. Ever since Midnight became Alpha female she did nit like Silver, so Silver and her fought, Silver lost and as a rwminder of that day Midnight left a scar of three claw marks on Silvers right eye. Silver then decided to leave and find a new pack, she ended up meeting Moon. And thats when her life changed for ever.

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Silver the female Empty Re: Silver the female

Post by Guest on Sat Oct 11, 2014 5:14 pm


Your biography has been looked over by staff and has been concluded as adequate. You may now play this character in the role-play. However, further rule breaking of playing your character within the role-play without acceptance may result in a temporary ban.


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Silver the female Empty Re: Silver the female

Post by Fenris on Sun Oct 12, 2014 4:06 pm

I don´t know if that´s actually just a mistake or full purpose but i may correct your characters size into simply 32 inches instead of 6 feet and 32 inches. It´s more than unrealistic for you wolf to be +2 meter.

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Silver the female Empty Re: Silver the female

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