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Hibiscus the Delicate Flower Empty Hibiscus the Delicate Flower

Post by Hibiscus on Mon Oct 13, 2014 8:56 pm Hibiscus Lillian Kwiat
.:.nicknames.:. Hibby, Hibis origins.:. Hibiscus is a flower, as is a lily. Kwiat means 'flower' in Polish.

.:.aged.:. 3 years
.:.gender.:. Female
.:.sexuality.:. Straight
.:.ranked.:. None right now

.:.species.:. Polar Wolf
.:.coat.:. Pure white
.:.eyes.:. Stunning green
.:.height.:. 30 inches at the shoulder
.:.weight.:. 70 pounds
.:.overall appearance.:. Hibiscus is a pure white wolf with glimmering emerald eyes. She is packed with muscle, but nobody would ever think 'fat' when they look at her. She has fluffy fur that flows around her when she walks lightly across the ground. Hibiscus is built for fighting, and fight she does. She's like a white streak of death when fighting. She's lightning quick, and her jaws are like bear traps. Hibiscus, completely oblivious to this fact, is extremely beautiful. So far, some have tried to win her affection, but none have succeeded. There's not an inch of fat on her muscular body.
.:.reference.:. I will have the link once my seven days are up! c:. Juniper; Mother | Oak; Father | Rowan; Brother
.:.friends.:. N/A
.:.enemies.:. N/A

.:.crush.:. None.
.:.mate.:. N/A
.:.children.:. N/A

.:.persona.:. Hibiscus is very quiet. She'll likely sit back and watch everyone, unless there's a fight between members or other creatures. If the first event occurs, she'll either join in, or break it up. Hibiscus is quite fun and sweet when she comes out of her shell, and enjoys company. However, sometimes she's in a sour mood and will lash out at anyone who approaches her. It's usually on these days that she joins a fight that's been started. She can be rebellious, and when Hibiscus believes that a leader is wrong, she'll rebel. Otherwise, she follow orders like a good soldier.
.:.past.:. Hibiscus was born into a rather large pack. For the first year of her life, she simply had fun and was carefree. But it wasn't going to last. With her mother a healer and her father a fighter, she was destined to follow her mother's path. But she didn't want to be a healer. She enjoyed tussling with the other pups, and usually beating even the males. After 5 months of rebellion, her mother finally gave up and Hibiscus started her training as a fighter. The next 7 months were torture. Her pack's training for the fighters was harsh, and meant for males. But after a few months, Hibiscus settled in and was training every day. By he time she was 2 years old, she was as muscular as all the other cadets. After the 7 months of vigorous training, they were released from training and only had to report for a fitness assessment every 2 months. Hibiscus lived with her parents for a while, but once she turned 3, she decided to leave the pack. It was time for her to branch out and find her own pack. After a few goodbyes and the permission from the leader, she left. Hibiscus traveled for a while on her own, hunting small animals and drinking from cool springs. She occasionally fought with other loners, and batted males looking for love away. One day, Hibiscus was simply traveling along as always, when a white-pink flower caught her eye. She turned curiously to it and sniffed it. Sure enough, it was a hibiscus, the very flower she was named after. She settled down by it and stared at it for a while. When Hibiscus was done drifting amid her thoughts, she stood and padded off.  A few days later, she came across a wolf pack. Tilting her head curiously, she padded towards it.

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Hibiscus the Delicate Flower Empty Re: Hibiscus the Delicate Flower

Post by Guest on Tue Oct 14, 2014 9:07 am


You are now free to play this character inside of the role-play.


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