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General Rules Empty General Rules

Post by Guest on Wed Oct 15, 2014 9:56 am

out-of-character rules.

I. do not god-mod.

    god-modding is when you make your character invincible, able to kill with one strike, and basically the best.

II. give as much respect to everyone on the site as you would the administrators.

    do not be rude to the administrators, moderators, or any members; follow the rules.

III. sign up with your desired character name only.  

    if your character's name is Sally register with it like, "Sally" not "Sally2345!@."

IV. you should not backseat moderate.

    this can be displayed as rude and controlling. You should never take things into your own hands.

V. remember to not double post. Doing this makes things look bad and the site uncontrolled.
VI. you should give proper credit to images, literature, etc.
VII. the forum should be kept PG. Thirteen.

    this means you should not post graphic/coarse things, such as porn.

VIII. avatars should be of real canines, not anime/drawn.
IX. all members should have a grade-school knowledge of grammar, spelling, and manners.
X. all posts OOC (out of character) should be at least three words of length, excluding emoticons.
XI.  try and keep your personal problems away from the chatbox. PM someone you trust if you wish to talk about it.
XII. keep swearing to a minimum.

in character rules.

I. no mary/gary-sues.

    these are basically god-modding characters; they are perfect in every way imaginable.

II. if you wish to take sexual things into great detail and your partner agrees, take it to PM. In open topics do not do this; your post will be deleted as soon as it is seen.
III. when your character leaves a topic emphasize that action with something OOC saying your character left. I.e: ----- out -----
IV. take heed in not killing or battling another character without the player's consent. Battling should be reviewed by a moderator or administrator to make sure things are being kept the way they should be.
V. all posts IC should be at least three sentences in length.
VI.  you may start with a pup at your own risk.
VII. refrain from chat speak in character. It may be done in the chatbox but not in the role-play!
VIII. if you are going to say something OOC character please put it in brackets or parentheses.
IX. we do not appreciate purple prose writing.
X.  refrain from using excessive thoughts to make your posts longer.

--- { the rules list was wrote by evangenette. any plagiarizing of it will not be tolerated. } ---


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