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Timber, Melody, whatevs. Who cares? Empty Timber, Melody, whatevs. Who cares?

Post by Timber on Sat Nov 01, 2014 6:18 pm

name // Melody
sobriquet //Timber… kinda, at least that’s what she’s used to.
name origins // Well, Timber has no clue, but in my mind it was part of her mother Nightmares name.

aged // 3 and a half…
gender // Fae
sexuality // Males
ranked // Loner

species // Northern Rocky Mountain wolf.
coat // Black, with a white undercoat, but is kinda brownish in the right light.
eyes // Bright Green. At least that didn’t change.
height// 87cm, teensy bit above average
weight // 91 pounds, only a little over average.
overall appearance // Melody is a tall muscled wolf, with a warriors basic appearance. Melody the first was a bit thin, as she had trouble providing food for herself. She was a good hunter, but food was scarce where she lived. Her coat is black and thick, but in the bright light it would only seem dark brown. Her eyes are still a startling neon green, though the original Melodys’ were brown. She has a white undercoat with edges of grey where it fades to the black. (An example would be avatar)

family // For Timber, he father who she recently killed. His name was Lightning, and his mate and Timbers mom was named Midnight. Her along with Timbers Brother Pine are dead, and Midnight was killed by Lightning. Melody had a mother named Smoke, along with a father named Lint, but was separated at a year old. Meaning they threw her out.
friends // I do not believe so.
enemies // Maybe...

crush // nope
love interest?mate // nah
children // hah… nope.

persona // Melody had always been a rather dominant acting wolf. Though she had no pack, she believed she lead one. Her mental problems were unannounced, and unspoken, so she never believed there was anything wrong with herself. In fact, she decided her parents would never have thrown her out of their pack, and decided they were dead. This caused emotional pain on herself, of course, and she howled with rage at night when she decided she was alone. No wolf would come close enough to help her, she was insane. She was feared, even though she’d never hurt anyone except her prey. She was strange, though, to give them credit. Her mind did not work correctly, so she had hallucinations as well as wolves voices in her head that weren’t.
Timber was a wolf on the brink of suicide, who had already died mentaly. She had issues with her parents, and eventually found peace in her mind. Killing her father, that was her idea of fair. Was she mentally ill? Perhaps, and it scares her. If she had struggled more, would she have lived? Did she really want that? Her soul feared her friends would think this and hate her. After her becoming known as unstable, she almost believed that she would become normal again if she acted cheerful. But she wasn’t. She was becoming morbid and antisocial, and it scared her to death.

past // Timber was walking through the forest. She wasn’t aloud to see other wolves, except in dreams, but it was nice to stroll around. Sometimes Nightmare would come with her, but mostly she went along. Something sliced through her from behind. She flinched, even though she was only air. It hit something ahead of her, and she heard a wolf cry out. Rules, too bad. She ran to help, healers instinct taking over. The wolf was black, and had a nasty cut on it’s side. A piece of metal was stuck inside the dark fae. Timber sniffed at it, and the wolf gasped. She had died. Timber howled in sadness, as death had been for most. A sharp pain erupted in her mind, though, and she passed out.
When she awoke, her side hurt. Nothing was there, but the absence of something left her scared. No red fur. Her side, paws, and she guessed her entire body was pitch black, like the night. When she stood, she was a foot taller than she should’ve been. She stumbled back, falling against a tree she normally would’ve walked right though. Her mind buzzed, with fear and confusion. By now she was used to that, though. “What happened?” She had to ask herself, her eyesight coming more into focus. She was Timber… but the name Melody buzzed around as well. She tilted her head, trying to get back to the white room. Nothing. The snow on the ground froze her paws, though her new coat was quite fluffy. She was no longer Timber, it seemed. She hated it, having been taken into this wolves body. But as there was no immediate way to fix it, she had nothing to do. She was alone, starting fresh, but without herself.

Melody was a loner, luckily, with no family to call home. She lived by herself and wandered the forest, venturing too close to a humans territory in search of food. The humans shot her, and she died. Timber ended up inside her, stuck until she dies again. Rather creepy, eh? Meloy was also thrown out of her pack, because her mental state was scaring them. She appeared  crazy and insane, not at all the type of wolf you'd want protecting you.

name ;; Timber. Just Timber, no fanciness
Nicknames: She has been called Timba, Tim, Timmy, and stuff like that.
Name origin: To go along with her brother, Pine, who named her.
Sexual Orientation: Straight... but has trouble liking anyone as more than a friend.

aged ;; Timber would be about three and a half now

Former Healer of Silver Stones
Species of Wolf: Red wolf

weaknesses ;; Water is a big fear of Timbers, she'd rather jump off a cliff than splash in a creek. Something about Timbers mind just hasn't clicked yet, so she still acts like a pup. This meaning she chases her tail and if someone asks her to play she'll be as happy as a bug in a rug. So, playing is a kinda weakness. Knowing what is right is hard for her, meaning she often gets into fights. Listening and Sitting still is hard for her also, being not at all patient. Her size makes it hard for her to fight, so that would be another thing she's bad at.

strengths ;; Timber is completely loyal, and would run a swim across a river if it meant saving a friend. She is also almost a dumb amount of brave, sticking up for wolves, or cougars, to others who could easily kill her. She has a strong heart and does not go down without putting up a fight. She also has a calming tone, and is good at cheering wolves up.

habits ;; Trying to make peace, or standing up for friends, and basically trying to make everyone feel good. Though in some cases it doesn’t quite work. A habit of staying away from water, which is technically a fear. She loves to chase her tail as well, which is something she'll do when bored, or trying to cheer someone up.

fears ;; Well, water for sure, given her past. Another is one day she'll find out everyone hates her, but that's more like a brain thing. Overall she's just a bad luck wolf, so she fears one day she'll mess up and hurt someone, like, badly. Her friend Golden died, only a half hour after she told him she couldn't go with him on his journey away from the packs. Hearing a gun shot, she ran to him, only to find him almost dead. Her old friend Storm and her friend Silver were mates, and when they split up Timber blamed herself. Another is she won't be a good enough healer. Healing was never her strongest quality, but she learned some of it as Beta in Aqua Mist. Silver Stones was in need of a healer, so she volunteered for the job. It's taking time, though, for her to actually heal a wolf.

coat color ;; A dark Reddish brown with little flecks of black on her back. She has a lighter tan or white undercoat. Little flecks of white also around her paws, but normally wolves wouldn’t look at her paws so that doesn’t seem to matter, does it.

eye color ;; Timber, Melody, whatevs. Who cares? Bright_green_eye_by_anchy_wolf-d6o6kuf ( )

physical structure ;; Timber is small, even for a fae. Her size is five to six inches shorter than average. She has slight muscles making her more prone to losing battles, the reason she's a healer not a warrior. She has strong legs, though, making her able to run fast. The smaller figure makes it easier to be agile, but not to take down prey. From her diet of berries she became weak, not having enough protein and such.

family;; Father who is named Lightning, Alive and coming Twisted Evil . A mother named Nightmare who got murdered by daddy, so dead. A brother, Pine, who is alive as far as she knows.

friends;; Hmm... let's see.... Silver, Alisen, Red, Moon, I think Butcher, Fell, and probs some others that I'm not sure about.

enemies;; Not really... though she's not the biggest fan of Crow. Sorry.

crush;; *coughRedcough* oh gerd she's gonna kill me
mate;; It's complicated...

children;; nahp. No way, no how.

persona;; Timbers mind is a bit messed up, though no one knows why. Maybe a result of her deit, which is vegitarian, or maybe brain damage from her father at a young age. No clue, but she is actually quite wise on the inside. Her basic outlook on life is live like you die tomorrow, which she learned from her brother pine. No matter what you say or do, it won't matter tomorrow, so live how you want. Do the things you love, and never let anyone bring you down. As she gets older and more friends die, she is having a harder time going along with this. Her outer appearance is cheerful and childish, but inside her heart aches for all the problems she seems to have caused. One more disappearance, or grievance of a friend, and she might slip off her ledge of positive thinking, and into the deep pit of despair. It calls to her when she's alone, like the pull of a sinking ship. You can try to swim away, but it will keep pulling you under before you get that far. Of course, she would never tell anyone this, because she wants others to be happy, even if she cannot be. Her only goal in life is to have been there when needed, which she has failed several times now. Where was the healer when Fell was attacked? Visiting a friend, and another wolf had to help him. She did her best when returning, but the guilt weighs her down. Where was she when Storm went missing? Right beside him, and even that did not stop her from messing up. He disappeared without a trace, and for that she'll never forgive herself. When Golden's brother died, he was too far gone for her to save him, and Golden himself died a half hour after leaving the pack, when Timber told him she could not go with him to be a loner. Her goal failed miserably, but she try's to perk her ears, put on a fake smile, and pretend all is right in the world, as her sanity slowly drains away.

history;; A long time ago, not long after she’d opened her little green eyes, her father decided to drop in for a visit. Basically, finding out it was a fae, he was outraged. He took her from Nightmare, snapping at her angrily when she tried to protest. He left her on the riverbank for dead, but her brother followed quietly, and took care of her in secret, until his mother found out. She wanted her pup back, but wasn’t entirely sure how to do it. In the end, she decided to give Timber a scar. Crazy, right? But she’d done the same to Pine, which had great effects even though Lightning still wasn’t sure. Lightnings father, or mother, or something else had slashed at him, accidentally giving him a odd shaped mark one could almost describe as lightning, he decided he was a god and that would be the mark of a powerful wolf. After little Timber had suffered, Lightning had still taken it the wrong way. Now his sick mind believed she was too dangerous to live, stealing her away one night. Pine, now older and stronger, followed his father and sister, confronting him in battle before he could kill her. Pine got the pup, racing away, but Lightning followed soon after when he asked Nightmare to help or he’d kill Pine. Pine was Nightmares pride and joy, so she agreed warily. Pine and Timber were cornered at the rivers edge, as the parents advanced angrily. Pine didn’t waste anytime in turning around and jumping into the raging river, holding Timber in his mouth. The parents followed, but halfway through they both went down under the current. Pine flung Timber onto the riverbank with a final ounce of strength, where she just sat for a while in shock. A loner came along later, introducing himself as Frost, but he didn’t live much longer. She is ever grateful to him, that elder helped her live to age one, where she met up with another pack. Once two years old she was pushed out, because the alpha she thought was her friend blamed her for the pups dying. Alone, she found her way here. (Lightning ended up killing Nightmare after she’d gone crazy in belief Pine was dead. He took a new mate and is now probs coming after his daughter, but oh well.)

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Timber, Melody, whatevs. Who cares? Empty Re: Timber, Melody, whatevs. Who cares?

Post by Timber on Sat Nov 01, 2014 6:24 pm

I thiiiiiiiiiiink this is accepted... feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. o.o

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Timber, Melody, whatevs. Who cares? Empty Re: Timber, Melody, whatevs. Who cares?

Post by Timber on Mon Feb 02, 2015 5:58 pm

Hmm. I've been asked to bring timmy bear back, and I also want to... sooooooooo... if you're post office by this, pm me and we can chat about it, but Timbers back.

Timber, Melody, whatevs. Who cares? Raindr10

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Timber, Melody, whatevs. Who cares? Empty Re: Timber, Melody, whatevs. Who cares?

Post by Red on Mon Feb 02, 2015 6:08 pm


With the dragon slain, the tiger awaits its next challenger patiently as nightfall arrives, once again cloaking it in darkness and secrecy. Only its eyes show any emotion at all for this unexpected and long-awaited victory. ]

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Timber, Melody, whatevs. Who cares? Empty Re: Timber, Melody, whatevs. Who cares?

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