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My story began when I was 16 years old, and it was a dark winter night in December, I was out riding my horse on a forest in a bed. I was thirsty but not for any normal liquid, I had a strange craving for blood, and when I looked in the mirror I had red eyes, my once warm tan skin was now pail and ice cold. But then a man came to the room and trail, the moon was high and I heard a howl, my horse reared and I fell then, my horse ran away. I felt as if I was being watched I got up and began to run, but this creature this, monster was to fast, next thing I know I’m in a big house explained that I was no longer human but, vampire and that he could help. Soon after I was part of his clan and family. I have three brothers and two sisters they all became what we call V.W.D.D.H.B, vampires who don’t drink human blood. The first one Mark had changed was his wife , Anala, we all call her Ana, after her there was Ace. He was found in Tennessee and fell in love with a sick human called Aris she became to sick to live on as a human so Mark changed her; Ace and Aris both fell in love and got married well, keep getting married. Then, after them it was Zoe she was turned three years before Vince then they fell in love, too. There was Alisen which is me and also Scot my twin he was on the ride with me and we both were changed and left to die but, Mark found us and brought us into a family. Zoe can talk to people through her mind, Vince can read peoples emotions, and I am a shield I block all other powers, then my brother Scot can move things with his mind. We all hide our powers and what we are by acting human, three years ago Carlyle took the entire family to a small town in Minnesota, called Shadow Creek, ever since we have went to the public school called Shadow Creek High. We live and hunt in this new cloudy dark home territory.

It is the beginning of winter and we have a lot more days of school to go. It is my first year back in school and I am ready to leave. My brother has ran away and promised to be back soon he wants to tell Mark sorry for running away, and is coming back from Alaska were he lived with our cousins for about one year.

Chapter 1: The hunter

It is Monday today and it’s another cloudy sky. Aris and the others are all in the black jeep, but I’m walking to School. As the wind picks up I put my long brown hair in a large pony tail. I feel my icy skin give me even more of a chill. As I reach school I meet up with the rest of the Glass family. Everyone stops talking as we all walk by. I stand striate up as if I am a walking statue. As I pass people the people behind me are whispering about us. I walk to my locker and when I turn around I see a group of guys staring at me I roll my eyes and walk away. Of course many girls wouldn’t since they were jocks, but I’m not any girl I’m Alisen the girl. I walk in class and sit alone by the window, most of the boys stare at me and I just look away ounce again. But when I see this boy with short spiky black hair with a slit tan and is about 5/7 in height I nearly drooled. Partly because he was hot, the other part is he was irresistible, well his blood was. And with my luck he became my science lab partner. And yes his name nearly made me faint as it was so fluent and sounded as if it was pure velvet off the tongue, of course the last name scared me being the name of a famous vampire hunter and all. His name is Demetri Helsing . Just hearing it made me have a chill run down my spine and no it wasn’t my icy skin. As he walks under the air vent his scent blows stronger and I have to bit my lip. He sits and I bite stronger. We go throughout the class reading and not saying a word. The bell rings and I run out the class room door. I get to my locker and I find out that Demetri’s locker is on the other side of the hall; I nearly bite a hole in my lip. Finally when it is time for lunch I meet up with Zoe, Vince and the others. We get our lunch out of the jeep and come in threw the side door. The other members of the Glass family brought meat, but I have been eating human food since I am more human like, well I think so. As we walk in everyone stares, except Demetri. This makes me happy because finally there is someone who isn’t always looking at me.

After that it was just normal school, till it was time to go home. I went to my locker to put my stuff up and I saw Demetri on the other side of the hall, he was looking at me. After I put my stuff up and was about to leave I felt a warm feeling go down my neck. I start to walk and as I do I see Demetri walk past me. I take a breath and walk to the other members of the Glass Family. “Alisen, you need to stay away from him.” Aris says. I look down. “I know but he’s in some of my classes and I can’t change that.” I reply. “Aris she will try won’t you Alisen,” Ace says. “Of, course I will,” I say. I then put on my leather jacket and walk to the side walk. I hear a motor cycle’s engine as I walk and I feel the warm feeling down my neck again. I look slightly behind me and someone is on a motorcycle slowly driving behind me. Suddenly the sound stops and I hear a thump on the ground as I walk. This person had gotten off his/her’s bike. I start walking faster before I feel something grab my wrist in that moment I turned around and looked in his eyes. It was Demetri, he grabbed my wrist and I don’t know why but I feel like I could melt. “Sorry, I just wanted to say hi,” Demetri says I pull my wrist away look at him and say “Hey, I………. got…to… to go,” before Aris, Ace, Zoe, and Vince come by in the jeep. I grab a side bar and jump on. Now at home I am in my bed room on the bed and I can’t forget how Demetri grabbed my wrist and how it felt.

*** Outer View***

The next morning Alisen woke up early. She went to the garage and pulled a tan sheet off a large object. Suddenly Alisen hops on and a loud sound much like a roar travels threw the trees. This machine is a black motorcycle with a sticker that says Alpha in red cursive. Alisen revs the engine and heads out for School. When Alisen reaches school she sees Demetri and an older man right away the man looks at Alisen. Alisen looks at him and knows exactly what the man is looking for and who. As Alisen watches the man drive a black car away Demetri walks over to her. Alisen turns quick and by the time she does she is face to face with him. Alisen looks down and takes a deep breathe. “I just wanted to say sorry for grabbing your wrist yesterday,” Demetri says to her. Alisen is silent for a while. “Ah that’s all I had to say,” He says starting to walk away. Alisen grabs his arm and he turns quickly. Alisen pulls her icy hand away. “Your hand, it’s so cold, are you ok?” Demetri asks as if he is worried. Alisen puts on her jacket and raps her arms around herself. “Yeah I’m fine, b…but I got to go, bye, sorry,” Alisen says before she parks her bike and runs in to school. When she does she sees another guy at her locker she rolls her eyes and walks over. “Kyle get out of here, I told you we’re done.” Alisen says with a glare. “You can’t get rid of me that easily sweetheart come on don’t you want to get something to eat.” The guy says as Alisen sees two white fangs pock out of his mouth. Alisen blocks anyone’s site of this by standing closer “No Kyle I don’t do that any more, leave me alone and four the hundredth time I’m not your sweat heart, get lost. And watch the fangs.” Alisen whispers in anger. Suddenly Demetri rushes over to her as he was worried about her. “Alisen!” He yells. “Who’s this?” Kyle asks glaring at Demetri. Alisen moves her lips to Kyle saying no, “This is Demetri, my science lab partner,” Alisen says. Kyle looks at Demetri one more time. “Ok, bye sweetheart,” Kyle says before trying to kiss Alisen on the lips, but Alisen twists her head were he gets the cheek. Kyle nudges Demetri with his shoulder when he passes him. “Are you with him,” Demetri asks. “No, he’s my x.” Alisen says. “Well that looked like you two were together,” Demetri says. “We aren’t and what would you care if we were,” Alisen asks. “I don’t,” He says quickly. “You don’t believe me.” Alisen says before she turns to her locker. Demetri grabs Alisen by the arm. “I do believe you and trust you I don’t like him,” He says. Alisen hears the word trust and looks at Demetri. “No don’t say that, I got to go,” Alisen says before she heads to the woods behind school. Demetri is puzzled from what she said but he fallows her anyway. Alisen then runs when he starts to fallow. Demetri catches up to her. “What’s wrong Alisen?” Alisen turns after Demetri asks this. “You can’t trust me, I don’t want to hurt you,” Alisen says before she slowly starts to walk away. Alisen doesn’t go back to school that day, or the next. Two days pass and still, no Alisen. The week ends. It’s Friday and Alisen comes to clean out her locker as well as Demetri did. Demetri finishes and walks over. “Maybe I do care,” He says before he leaves. He gets on his black bike and starts on the street. Alisen takes a breathe and is about to jump on her bike and chase after him when suddenly someone calls her name. She turns and sees Kyle she shakes her head and walks over. “What?” She asks you can hear the anger in her voice. “Just wanted to see you. What you afraid I’ll hurt your friend?” He says. “Why would I be scared you won’t hurt him and he’s just my lab partner.” Alisen says putting on her back pack. “I got to go, bye,” Alisen says. She runs off toward her bike and jumps on. “And your zippers down! Alisen says before she laughs and chases after Demetri. Alisen fallows Demetri all the way to his house “Demetri wait.” Alisen says just before Demetri goes in the house. Directly at the last step on his porch he turns and looks striate at Alisen. Alisen walks to the step closes to the ground. Demetri walks down two steps, only four wooden steps between the two of them. “What, you made it pretty clear you don’t like me the way I like you.” Demetri says. Alisen walks up onto a step right under the one he is standing on. She looks up at him then grabs his hand with her cold frozen hand. Then she pulls him in the trees. “Demetri I like you a lot but I can’t tell you why we can’t be together.” Alisen says she then drives away on her pitch black motorcycle.

Alisen wakes the next morning and puts her black legions and then a red tank top on with some tenneas. She leaves the house before any one was up. Well that’s what she thought. Alisen walks down stares to see Mark standing there waiting for her. “Hello, Alisen what are you up so early for.” Alisen lowers her head and walks down. “Good morning, Mark, I was just going out for a walk with Fang.” Alisen says. Mark smiles “Alright Alisen go have fun but go get some blood before, you are probably getting weak by just human food.” Mark says. Alisen hugs him “Thank you Mark,” Alisen says grabbing a cup of blood from the fridge. Alisen drinks it then heads out. Alisen goes outside with her pet dog Fang a large Siberian husky. Alisen then hears a growl from Fang. Fang is growling toward two boys. One of which was Demetri the other Alisen would guess is Demetri’s father. Alisen gets down as she sees the older man’s head look toward the dog. Suddenly Alisen’s eyes meet Demetri’s and Alisen quickly turns her head. Demetri walks down the slope of the hill. “Hey Alisen,” He says. Fang shows his teeth as he stands in front of Alisen. Demetri quickly points his bow at the dog, Alisen leaps in front of Fang and hisses. Demetri puts the cross bow down not knowing why Alisen jumps in front of the beast. Suddenly the older man runs down to the side of Demetri. “Who is this Demetri,” The man says erging closer. He pulls his knife out and runs it down her bar arm on the side that can’t hurt her. Alisen takes the knife from the man and stands. “Don’t touch me or my dog.” Alisen gives the knife to Demetri then picks up the large Husky. Alisen walks off, when she suddenly feels a stare into her neck she looks up and sees Kyle. Then she looks back and sees Demetri also looking at her. Kyle walks closer and Alisen stays put. Kyle looks over Alisen’s shoulder and sees Demetri and then Kyle puts his icy hands on Alisen’s neck and looks her in the eyes and tries to hypnotize her. But then Alisen bends over and grabs his ankle and pulls him off the ground. Suddenly she hears foot steps behind her and then drops Kyle and runs with Fang in her arms. The man looks at Dometri “That is Alisen the vampire isn’t it,” the man asks. Demetri then puts the cross bow and knife on the ground and runs after Alisen. Alisen looks over her shoulder and sees Demetri then she runs off.

Chapter 2: The heart

Alisen is in the back of the jeep and then as her and the rest of the glass family reach the parking lot. Alisen jumps out with the help of Ace. Her long hair pulled back in a ponytail ounce again. Alisen turns as she smells the scent of peppermint and rosies. Alisen sees Dometri standing there, and then she turns back to her family Ace standing at the door waiting for her. Then he turns and watches Demetri as he had walked behind Alisen. “Thanks Ace, I’m having trouble controlling myself.” Alisen looks up “No problem Ali I’ll always have your back.” He says walking to home room with her. Alisen sits in the back with Ace. That whole hour was quiet as they all read the book {Black Beauty} Alisen got bored with the story and her eyes wondered over to Ace ,and Ace was looking at his phone in his book. Alisen waited and waited and finally the bell rang. Alisen fallowed Ace as him and her went to there lockers. And there were the others of the Glass Family perfectly lined beside each other making every one feel insecure by there perfect looks. Alisen grins “you guys are so mean making every one feel bad for looking like them selves.” Alisen teases. She wasn’t like the others she was more human like, then them. For some reason she was the one all the boys stared at but, never talked too scared of rejection as it has happened so many times. Alisen then looked at Zoe as she had twirled over to Alisen. “Alisen we’re all going hunting you want to come?” She asks. “Sorry but no thank you, Ace looks evil when we hunt he scares me sometimes,” Alisen teases. “And plus I have work to do here.” Alisen says then hugs Zoe and Ace bye then goes to lunch. Alisen walks in the side door and sits at her normal table but alone. Alisen takes a bite of pizza and a sip of water then puts up her plate. Alisen heads for the hallway when a shy black haired girl runs into her. Alisen gets up and grabs the girl’s hand. “You ok, Ash,” Alisen asks the girl. The girl stands and grins “Fine Alisen just can’t get used to my feet I was in wolf form all night last night.” The two head to the lockers. Alisen helps Ash get her stuff since she is the shortest girl in Alisen’s grade and can’t reach the high shelf in her locker. Then they go to class together Alisen sits in her normal seat next to Demetri that wasn’t there yet and Ash behind her. Suddenly the bell rang and Demetri ran in and walks to sit next to Alisen. Alisen scooted away and gulped. Soon the bell rang and Alisen quickly walked out and she went to her locker, she put her stuff up and turned and was pressed against the lockers, Demetri had put his arms up and held him self there by putting pressure of the lockers. Alisen took a breath and looked down. Then, Demetri pulled Alisen’s head up with his index finger then slowly leaned closer; Alisen quickly went under Demetri’s arm and walked to her last class. She wanted to kiss him so bad but her fangs were to close and she began to crave. She longed to be with him but he was too precious to her even him being a hunter didn’t change that. Alisen and Ash were partners in class mostly talking about Ash’s first hunt with the pack after they finished there work with ease. The class slowly came to a bitter end and Alisen hurried to her locker trying not to look at Demetri’s expression on the other side of the hall. Alisen finally can’t refuse the erdge to look and sees Demetri talking to a blond girl with dark blue eyes a shifter that goes by the name of Sara. Alisen then spots Ash who is flagging her to fallow. Alisen shakes her head and runs over to her. Alisen looks back and Demetri is playing with Sarah’s hair.

Then, Alisen picks up her old truck she hardly ever drove anymore and her and Ashley head to Blue Sky ,which is Shifter land or Ash’s Pack’s land either way it is shifter terrain, and the only blood sucker aloud over was Alisen. They reached Ash’s house and parked in the drive way. “Alisen!” A group of big huge deeply tanned young men yell running in her direction. They all hug her and Alisen is almost as flat as a pancake. “I’m stone but I can be squashed,” she warns. Every one laughs and lets her go. “Hey, guys how is the weather under that Mexican skin,” She teases. “Warm,” a fifteen year old kid says, and he looks like he’s a lot older, like three years older. “like always, how is that stone cold skin off yours?” a older and bigger teen asks laughing “Like you said ice, so are we going to have fun or were you guys stuffing your big mouths with trash again,” Alisen taunts her and Ash laughing. All the boys look down in shame. “Sorry Alisen but some of us have to go do perimeter with Mike and the only ones who are staying are…” The oldest says trailing off as four boys come walking up from behind Alisen and Ashley. “Me, Josh, Yue, and Roy,” an older guy named Nick says. “Oh, hey Nick how’s your dad doing?” Alisen asks as the rest of the pack run out of sight. “He’s fine how’s that clan of yours?” He asks with a frown. “Oh, there going on a hunt I sort of ~” He interrupts her. “Tell me later if we’re going to go diving we better hurry before Sarah gets here.” He says and Alisen immediately bites her lip in anger. “What’s up?” Nick asks. “Is she almost here,” Alisen asks then she smells another wolf and turns and sees Sarah, behind her is Demetri coming through the gate. “Crap,” Alisen hisses under her breathe as Demetri sees her face. Alisen then shoves the group of four large guys out of her way and heads off for her truck, but Kyle was there smiling so, Alisen turned and made a break for the cliffs. The guys and Ashley followed. But, so did Demetri and Sarah. When Alisen was at the edge of the tallest cliff she turns, the guy group got out of the way along with Ash. Alisen growls and her black eyes were causing her to shake her head. “Alisen, what’s up with you?” Demetri asks before walking closer to her. “Stay away, I’ve got to go,” Alisen says and leaps back ward over the cliff. A fountain of water shoots into the air after the sound of stone hitting ruff moving waves. Alisen had vanished from sight.

Alisen reaches her house and parks her truck in the garage. She walks slowly and carefully to the tree beside her room window she leaps from the ground to her small balcony. After she takes a shower and gets into some dry cloths she heads out. She runs after her coven and by night fall she’d caught up with them and was joking with Ace. “So you got jealous,” Ace chokes out after Aris smacks him in the back of the head. “So not jealous, just annoyed,” Alisen yells defensively. Zoe dances over to Alisen and puts her skinny delicate arms around Alisen’s shoulders. “Ok, ok don’t make her go back, lets go hunting for some deer while these beasts play with there trash.” Zoe says her and Ana dragging Alisen off to the north.

“I feel a lot better now; can we go home I’m tired?” Alisen asks as her Zoe and Ana meet up with the others. Zoe dances over into Vince’s arms and puts her tiny fingers through his long honey blond hair as she kisses him lovingly. Alisen and Ace shake there heads. “Let’s go,” Alisen and Ace yell before Ace pushes Alisen into a bush and dashing off ahead. Alisen darts out of the big weed and runs after him. About a half a hour later Alisen is sitting on Ace’s head in front on the house. “Alisen 100 and Ace Zero.” Alisen says before Ace flips her onto the ground. She jumps up and shoves Ace before running into the house and jumping over all the stairs. She starts plucking leaves out of her long hair as she walks down the bright hall. Alisen stops when she hears a low and faint chuckle. “Get out of here Kyle.” Alisen says looking behind herself slowly and quietly. There he stands his white hair falling in his eyes and his deep black gaze stuck on Alisen’s cold hard lips as they form a striate line. “I thought we were still friends,” He acted all depressed but Alisen saw right through it. She floated past him and glided down stares to Mark, swinging around beside him. “Mark can you please help me with this rodent before I break his neck.” Alisen says before Ace appears at her side holding her shoulder. “Yes, Kyle, please leave this is Glass Family land and you are not a Glass,” Mark says trying to be nice. Not really to successful, but who cares its Kyle.

It was a very cloudy day in town so Alisen went out. She walked past a couple stores and such before an interesting scent crossed her nose. She looks around and suddenly she sees her real brother’s skinny form. She immediately smiled and ran over to him tacking him right there on the street. “SCOT!!!” She yells with joy as they both get up. “Hey, you didn’t call, you... you… you are a jerk,” She yells in instant rage. “I’m sorry,” He said before lowering his head in shame. “I wanted to call but I was hunting and I knew you’d be like this, plus I thought you’d be busy with that Kyle dude.” Scot said in defense. Alisen throws her hands up in the air. “Can no one let me live that down, we are through, if you were here you would have known,” Alisen says still angry. Then all of a sudden she is on the ground and there Demetri is lying on top of her. She is so shocked she just busts out into laughter. “I’m so sorry, Alisen, I wasn’t…” He ends up stopping in the center of his apology. She was still laughing even after they both were standing up and she had brushed the dirt off. “No, I’m sorry I was not paying attention and then that,” Alisen finally got out after she stopped laughing. That was when Demetri just leaned close and kissed Alisen on the lips. She was frozen in place. For a while she just stood there frozen with shock and Demetri ran off scared of what she may do. That was when Scot laughed and picked her up. “Come on Alisen,” He says throwing her over his shoulder.

Chapter 3: Brotherly love

Scot laid Alisen on her bed and she was still frozen. She didn’t talk she just sat there. When it was the next morning she rushed to get ready for school. She was leaping off the walls. Then, Scot took out their old truck and waited for Alisen to come out the door. When Alisen finally was ready she leaped out of her window and flew through the truck’s door window. “Drive,” She ordered when she was in the seat striate. When they reached the school she took a breathe. “Hey, Alisen don’t explode,” Scot teased her. Before shutting the truck off and running so she didn’t catch him. She jumped out the truck and was on his tail before he got a foot away from her. She tackled him on the front lawn of the school and kids all around were laughing till they saw who they were. When the two were done they both raced to their lockers, which were both right beside each other. They were like two peas in a pod when they were together. Both so goofy around each other it made them look human. Almost, they still were both the most perfect looking people in school. They shoved each other till they were both in first room. “Sit down please…. Mister Scot Glass and Ms Alisen Glass!” Mr. Loter said in a shocked tone. Alisen was never like that in Loter’s class so it was a surprise and he hadn’t have seen Scot since the very beginning of last year. They both walked to there desks and calmed down. Alisen got caught up in the writing assignment and was writing extremely fast. Scot leaned near her to tell her “Slow down we are human remember,” He reminded her before sitting back in his chair. Alisen slowed down quickly and finished before every one still. As soon as class was over both Scot and Alisen ran out the door, making Mr. Loter nearly have a heart attack. “So see you at lunch in an hour,” Alisen said while Scot rushed down the hole for World History. He waved by for now and Alisen rushed for Science. Sitting down before anyone was in the room besides the teacher. “Hello Ms. Glass,” The teacher says as soon as he sees her. Alisen open’s her book and starts to read till the bell rings. Demetri was the last one in the room, as soon as he saw Alisen there was a smile on his tan face. So did she, and she didn’t scoot her chair away either. “Today students we will be doing a lab, Ms. Glass will you do me the honor of passing the goggles out.” Mr. Perry asked. “Yes sir,” She replied as soon as he was finished. She stood and walked to the shelf in the back of the room and grabbed the goggles. She handed the basket to Mr. Perry and grabbed a pair herself. As soon as she sat down she strapped the goggles on and waited for the lab to begin. “Ok, now while Jeff and William get the chemicals you may talk amongst your selves.” Perry said as he passed out the rest of the goggles. Alisen looked at Demetri as he struggled to put the goggles on right. She laughed “Here, let me help.” She said fixing the goggles carefully. Then she started feeling a burning in her throat. Alisen then pulled her hands away from Demetri quickly. She felt bad but the pain hurt and touching the thing that caused it didn’t help. Demetri turned to Alisen and smiles “Thanks,” He said. Alisen threw a bright white smile back at him, and felt the burn fade, still there but in the back of her mind. “Ms. Glass come and help me set up outside, the rest of you will fallow close behind,” Mr. Perry said and Alisen walked over to Perry’s side with a proud smirk, as soon as she was there they began talking about the experiment. Soon, after the lab was put up and the chemicals were brought back to the class room by Alisen, Demetri, and Scot who drop by after class to help. “So, Scot how are Kay and Fay?” Alisen asks Scot with almost a child like smile. Scot scratches the back of his neck “well, they both sort of avoided me almost the whole time I was there. They said hi, and said goodbye then were done. You know, how they both ….. hate the Blue Sky.” Scot says looking over at the lockers seeing a girl shifter with bright red hair called ,Sage. His face lights up as soon as he meets her dark blue eyes and sees her small but happy smile. He pats Alisen’s shoulder then jogs over to Sage, his smile stretching over his entire face. Alisen shakes her head and fallows “Hey, Sage... Scot give me the keys.” Alisen orders, but Scot ignores her. Demetri walks to Alisen’s side and smiles “I can give you a ride.” He suggests. That’s, when Scot turns to face Demetri and pushes Alisen behind him. “Get away from Alisen you murderer.” Scot throws at Demetri ignoring Alisen’s middle finger. Alisen hisses as Scot and shoves his arm out of her way “So, you leave and still expect to start back were you left off? No Scot, you will have to earn that, we may be twins but that doesn’t mean I have to listen to mom anymore,” Alisen spits at Scot before jogging out the front door beside Demetri. Scot growls as he throws his head side to side. “Sorry, Sage I’ve got to go after Alisen,” He says not looking into her eyes or even peeking up at her face before he runs after Alisen.

Demetri picks up speed as he drives on the dark, ruff, roads. Alisen raps her skinny arms around Demetri’s waste to hold on. Her face absorbed by a smile. When, they begin to slow down Alisen is the first one off “Can we go again?” Alisen asks with a grin. Demetri laughs and parks the bike before he shoves his hands into his pockets. His smile lighting up his entire face as he walks to Alisen’s side. “Sure, soon,” He says as he starts walking. Alisen walks at his side and looks up at him “Were are you taking me?’ She asks looking around. Demetri smiles bigger and looks at Alisen “I’m taking you to my favorite place in the world.” He whispers in her ear before grabbing her hand and running into the trees. Alisen smiles, keeping easy pace with Demetri. The smells of old wood, roses, violets, and peppermint hit her nostrils. She looks ahead and notices a opening in the full thick greenery. Alisen can feel Demetri’s dark eyes burning through her very soul, that is if she had one. As they reached the building something else hit her nose something she’d smelled before. Alisen looks around and rips her hand from Demetri’s before turning and beginning to run. But, before she could get to far she felt a pair of stone hands cuff her wrists together and hold her back. She wiped around and came face to face with Kyle. “You bastards!” Alisen hisses through her fangs and lets a horrid growl escape her albino white lips. Her eyes turned red and focus on the hunter. “You will die a horrid death, your heart will be yanked from its place within your body, your skull smashed beneath my very foot, and your deserving, cruel, demon eyes will be popped out of your head and fed to by dog.” Alisen said in a demonic voice through her sharp fangs. She lunged violently toured Demetri with blood thirsty red eyes. Kyle held her back with a devilishly evil mask guarding his true emotion. Alisen froze for a moment and straitened. She closed her eyes and her mouth and stood completely still. She looked up at the moon and smiled a demonic and evil smile. “BLUE SKY ABOVE, SILVER GLOW OF FROZEN LOVE!!!” Alisen yells and a silver beam of moon light surrounds her.

Scot looks up and sees a bright silver beam turn red. He runs faster in its direction and begins to hear howls. He looks around and all he can see are large shadowy figures running in the same direction of the red glow. Two of the forms slowly move in closer to Scot. Now they are close enough, that it is visible that they are wolves the one on Scot’s left is bright rusty furred wolf a little bit skinnier then the rest of the others. And the one on his right a black-ish brown tall wolf. They, all look at each other then run as fast as possible. They all three reach the small shack at the same time. They look around, carefully studying the empty area. Scot then sees something, he picks it up and falls to his knees. The black-ish brown wolf, Ash, barks at him then trots over to see what he found. “It’s my mothers locket, Alisen never takes it off…” He whispers in a low cracking voice breaking off at the end. The other red-ish wolf puts her smaller head on Scots leg and whimpers. Scots rubs the top of Sage’s head and closes his eyes. “We have to find her.” He says slowly standing up. His eyes black, as his eyes open and stare down at the locket. He makes a fist and when he opens it the locket is make into some dist like substance.

Chapter 4: Blinding Fear

“They’ll find me, and free me… and ounce I’m free I shall find you all and one by one watch you beg for you pathetic lives.” Alisen says her voice hoarse, but bleeding with rage. Her hatred filled eyes locked on the floor just in front of a steel prison door. Her wrists chained together by gold mixed with steel and some sort of silver. A loud chuckle echoes from beyond the door. “Don’t hold on to that hope for long, soon you’ll see it is a waist of your last few hours of life.” A deep ruff male voice says. Two other lower laughs echo in the distance and Alisen slightly raises her head “No, hope isn’t a waist of life, but fake, sick, boys are.” Alisen says hoping they both heard her words. “They’ll come, and if I’m truly dead before they do get here. They will avenge me.” Alisen says her velvet voice returning to normal. Suddenly, there’s a ruckus down the hall, and the sound of metal scrapping against another hard surface like marble rings through the old prison. Alisen looks up at the door just before it is forced open. She tries to stand but another set of chains hold her down. Then there he is, Kyle, with his white hair wet and sticking to his face blocking his eyes from Alisen’s view. Alisen growls then notices who is behind him. She growls louder now and her eyes fix on Demetri’s face. The entire time Demetri is in the room with her she growls and lurches at him against the chains burning her marble skin. As Demetri chains Kyle to the floor beside Alisen he smiles at the look on Kyle’s weak face. When he lifts his face he walks over to Alisen and a safe distance from her looks her in the blood red eyes as she bares her fangs and heave again and again at him snapping her fangs inches from his face. “You bastard, your stupidity will be the death of you,” Kyle whispers just loud enough for both Alisen, and Demetri to hear. Demetri laughs and looks at Kyle “You could be right but not from this little beauty, she’s to kind she couldn’t.” He says grabbing Alisen’s face with one hand and looking into her deadly eyes. Alisen smiles her fangs pointy and lurches forward one last time her fangs digging into Demetri’s hand, she bites down and rips a chunk out of his hand and spitting it in front of Kyle. She starts to laugh the demonic voice returning as she watched Demetri bleed in front of her, the hunger , and craving making her wrench forward with more power and lick her fangs dry of the red substance. This time Demetri backs up and jerks his hand to his chest rushing out of the cell. Guard force the door closed and both gulp at the same time. This makes Alisen laugh again. Kyle looks over at Alisen his eyes black with thirst as he sees her deadly eyes and hears her demonic voice. “What happened to you? Before you would have kept calm, and done this yourself without a doubt.” Kyle says his throat raw. Alisen slightly glances at him and look at the door her demon smile vanishing and her voice falling to her normal velvet English. “I don’t know lets see, you talked my brother into leaving. I got my heart squashed by a Helsing, and now I’m sitting in a cell waiting for my final words to come to mind before they drive a mixed metal stake through my granite skin. Then, burn me in front of my family and closest friends.” Alisen says her voice becoming louder as she speaks. Kyle looks down his face blank and his hair blocking his eyes from her sight. “I’m sorry; it was stupid of me to ask.” Kyle says after a moment and then a guard looks in. “Quiet, leaches,” He orders and Alisen growls “Watch if before I suck you dry and tare you limb by limb.” Alisen says in a ruff voice. Kyle grins “I miss being the one to calm you down when you got like this.” He says regret flooding the last few words. Alisen looks at him and sees he’s looking at her as well. “Yeah, I miss that to. But, you did help them catch me, plus made my brother leave.” Alisen says. Alisen then smiles “Ok, now let’s get out of here,” Alisen whispers as low as possible to Kyle. She picks up her chained hands and carefully reaches into her braw. She pulls out a tinny silver pistil and points it at the chains that hold Kyle to the ground and that rap around his hands. “Hold still, and quiet,” Alisen says shooting the chains, the gun was silent and Kyle shook the chains off the rest of the way. He walks over to Alisen and takes the gun doing the same thing she had done. “Let’s go.” He whispers into her ear.

Sage barks at Scot and points her noise at a small thin path and Scot runs in that direction. Scot and the rest of the Glass’s have been looking for Alisen for hour along with Sage, Ashley, and Nick. Scot is in a group with Sage and Ashley. While Nick is with Ana, and Ace. Then, there is Mark, Zoe, and Vince. Oh, and there is Aris with Mike who are protecting the town. So far, all the others have found nothing, but Scot’s group is fallowing a trail of Alisen’s scent. “The scent is getting stronger. Were getting closer. This way.” He pointed even though he knew the wolves could smell perfectly fine. Soon the trees began to thin and the outline of a old prison covered in expanding wilderness came into view, this was obviously the holding place of Alisen. As soon as they all saw the building they began running. Scot was studying the guard system as he ran between Sage and Ashley. Sharp mixed, metal, pointed arrows began to rain from the prison’s concrete walls. Scot had to run fast to reach the wall before his skin turn to ash from the effect of the mixture of metal. The wolves dodged the arrows with ease and began looking for weak spots in the wall. The found one soon after and pointed it out to Scot. Scot wiped out his phone though and Mark answered on the first ring. “Hey Mark… we found were …Alisen is being held.” Scot says with a ruff and almost gravel voice. “Were about to break in… come as soon as possible…… please.” Scot says before hanging up. He then raises both his arms, his hands in fists and pounds on the wall ounce causing it to crumble into gravel. Then he pointed at Sage and through that pointed figure in the direction of the archers, she nodded and ran up the stair to the top of the wall to get rid of the archers. Scot and Ashley headed for the main building, taking down the guards easy.

The sound of yelling of guard and valance causes Alisen to run faster as she and Kyle run through the cold stone halls. As she passes many sad scared faces of vampires young and old some with smoking hands from the mixed metal and others frozen on the floors truly dieing from hunger. Alisen looks away in horror and races down the long hallways. Then, something hits her noise, the scents of familiar, good people cause her to close her bright red eyes. Tears of venom start to rain down from her eyes . Then she opens them and glances over at Kyle who is staring at her, anxious to know why she is crying. “Their here, they came.” Alisen says, and dashes to the right fallowing the scent of her brother and Ashley. “Scot, Ashley!!!” Alisen begins to yell through the halls as the scent gets stronger. Kyle smiles at Alisen’s reaction to the scent, seeing how her entire demeanor has changed for the moment. Then, suddenly Alisen stops and gulps. Demetri has a silver colored stake at the bottom of her throat. “Hello, Alisen.” He says with a smirk. Just over Demetri’s shoulder stood Scot with raged eyes and Ashley at his side. Ashley lunged at Demetri and yanked him off of Alisen. He trusted the stake into Ashley’s shoulder but Ashley just tore off his human head and spit it out in discussed. Scot catches Alisen just before she hits the ground. He puts his cheek on the top of her head and sinks to the concrete floor. She hold him tight then looks up in worry “How are the others are they ok?” Alisen asks her words to fast running together. Scot brushes the hair from his sisters face and smiles “They’re all outside waiting for us to bring you out.” He says helping Alisen stands and pulling one of her arms over his shoulders and helping her walk toured the exit. Ashley fallows and growls at Kyle as she passes him. Kyle fallows behind his eyes staring at the back Of Alisen’s head. Right at the exit Alisen stops and turns around to look Kyle in the eyes “Kyle, I suggest you make a choice before you step out this exit, good, or evil.” Alisen says pulling away from Scot and opening her arms to Aris who is running striate for her. “I was so worried,” Aris murmurs into Alisen’s ear. “I know and I should have listened to you.” Alisen says before pulling away to see the rest of her family. And Mark standing just behind Aris smiles and walks up to her with open arms. “Are you ok, Alisen?” He asks as he hugs his youngest “daughter”. Alisen smiles “I’m just fine, sorry I did that to you guys, I’m a fool.” Alisen says laughing at the end. Mark chuckles a angel’s laugh “No, we may not be human, but we all still make mistakes.” He says in a warm and caring voice. Then he moves out of the way as Ace, Ana, and Zoe come running to hug her too. “Hey Ali, don’t do that again or after we save you I’m going to kill you,” Ace says with a snort after word. Zoe smiles “You oh me something for making me run through the trees and mess up my hair.” She wined with a smirk. And Ana just hugged Alisen and told her “I’m glad you’re ok,” Then went back to Marks side. Vince just smiled and started walking home. Alisen trotted to Ashley’s side and hugged her around the neck “You want to come over?” Alisen asks with a smile. And with a laugh like bark Ashley started running in the direction of Alisen’s house. Alisen fallowed close behind. Ace also joined in the race, of course.

They reached the glass’ house around 11:30 at night Alisen won the race by 2 feet. Ashley came in third and Ace second. Soon after Ashley shifted to her human form and put on shorts and a tank-top. After she and sage both had took their human forms, they along with the Glass’, and Kyle met up in the first floor living room. Alisen sat on the coach with Ashley on her right side and Scot on her left along with Sage beside Scot. Mark and Ana sat in the love seat, Ana on Marks lap. Vince, Ace, Zoe, and Aris stood behind those on the couch. Every single pair of eyes on Kyle who sat tied to a cement pillar holding the second story of the house up. “So what are we going to do with him?” Ace asks Mark with a smirk as he sees Kyle’s face expression.



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Really cool! I'm glad Black Beauty got represented, lol, I love that book.

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me too

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