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Fraya/ Flair

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Fraya/ Flair

Post by Alisen on Sat Feb 14, 2015 4:54 pm

Fraya Flair Valentine
Nickname: <Flair>

Teenager / Female

She is a skinny and tall, natural beauty. Her eyes are an orange-ish brown color, hence the name Flair. She has shorter fur on her center body and legs. She has thicker fur around her neck, tail, and her ankles. Her fur is orange- red, and her under belly is black all the way up to her chest. Her paws have black socks. She has long legs and a thin chest; she looks delicate, like a twig.

She is shy, but carriages. She is selfless, and caring, but still has a back bone, she won’t bow down though it would be the easy way out of things. She doesn’t lie, is very loyal, and very smart. Flair isn’t a trickster and never could be.

When young Fraya was born her family was small but loving, she’d loved them from first glance. Her mother was a young healer in a old long gone pack. But her father was a strong willed, stubborn, beta. She had one brother and no sisters. Fraya showed skill at a very young age and her parent were proud. But when the time came she decided to find her own path, so she left the pack, her brother did the same but went in the other direction.

Family: Mother (Alive) ‘Valley’ Father (Alive) ‘River’ Twin Brother (Alive) ‘Kato’

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Re: Fraya/ Flair

Post by Timber on Sat Feb 14, 2015 4:58 pm

Alisen, you already have a second Character, and this is not following the Biography Template as well.


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