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Post by Alisen on Sun Oct 12, 2014 1:46 am

Alisen  Angel  Moon

The name Alisen came from a rare comet that passes by the moon every year on November third

Ali /Mistress/ 3 years 2 months- B-day {11/3} /Likes- males/ Rank- Warrior/

Alisen is a mix of a Timber wolf and an Artic wolf with a pearl white fur coat; her fur is soft and kind of thin but it helps her speed when she runs and fights and such. Her tail is slightly puffy but mostly soft and striate with a silver-ish tint to it like an ash or something. Her eyes are as red as the blood of a fresh killed deer, and if she can’t have red eyes she will have blue eyes. She has small paws and has a good amount of muscle. She is about 2 ½ feet tall and her fangs are about an inch and a ½ inches long, but they do a lot of damage to the opponent. Her weight is measured around 90 pounds. [I don’t know sorry that’s the best I can think it would be] She has a plush cloud like coat in winter and it helps her blend in for camouflage. She has a scar behind her left ear from a burn she got when she was only a couple weeks old. The temptress has a thick skull and her legs have a small amount of muscle on top of the strong bones still they carry her great distances.

Alisen’s personality can be summed up with these words the temptress is wild, brave, quit, and is free spirited. These are all true she is a rather wild creature she fights for her life and for fun, she laughs at fear and smiles at death, she is kind to her brothers and those of her pack she is friends with if she ever makes any. She has trust issues and is always in the shadows. Though she is devil-ish she still has a kind side, she would never let a wolf she cares about or whom is within her pack die, she is fearless and extremely free. She is hardheaded, and has issues with her anger she is always in control of herself unless someone makes her angry. She is loyal to those she trusts. And if she ever lets anyone get close to her she will be loyal and trust worthy to them. But she is a prize, a diamond in a box of coal she is something worth everything, so whom so ever get her as a mate shall treat her well, or she may just hurt that wolf.


Alisen was born on a cold fall night in November it was the third day and it was late that night, the moon was high and it was full. The mistress was the only white pup and was the only one to survive, still her parents abandoned her when there was a fire in her native territory and she was left to die, but before she had barley been touched by the flame a loner had saved her, only weeks old she thought he was her father. When she was 1 year old he told the mistress the truth and she freaked out she attacked much prey in the area, and on the rampage she met two male wolves. The two remembered there dear younger sister and asked her many questions, they told her, her parents named her Angel. Alisen told them what she was called now and become calm around the two. The two understood and told her who they were, the black brute with a scar on the inside of his lip was Coal he had much muscle, the other was Silver-ish white but looked gray he had a birth mark on the bottom of his front left paw it looked like a cloud, he was rather buff as well this was Steel. The three went back to the loner known as Eclipse and lived together with him for a year. Then Alisen left and her and her brothers were like a small pack, Steel taught Alisen to hunt and Coal taught her to fight. The mistress was also taught to trust no one. She was challenged by many, challenges giving her issues to trust at all. So when she finally left on her own she looked for a pack and her over protective brothers visit her always.


Older Twin Brothers- Coal- (Black very big and strong)
Steel- (Silver-ish white huge and strong)

Adopted Father- Eclipse- (loner half black half gray) {He raised Alisen after she was left by her parents and before she met her brothers} (dead)

Friends and Enemies
None yet

Crush: none
Mate: none yet
Little demons: none yet

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Post by Fenris on Sun Oct 12, 2014 9:26 am


[I think it´s safe to say...]
You are now free to play this character inside of the role-play.


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Post by Alisen on Sun Oct 12, 2014 11:08 am


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