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Lux Aurora Praesul {WIP} Empty Lux Aurora Praesul {WIP}

Post by Lux on Sun Oct 12, 2014 1:01 pm

. : : Lux Aurora Praesul : : .


Name : : Lux Aurora Praesul.
Name Meaning : : The light of dawn.
Name Origins :: Latin.
Nicknames : : Lux.


Age : : Three years old.
Gender : : Female.
Sexuality : : Heterosexual; is attracted to the opposite sex.
Hierarchy None currently; Loner. Striving to achieve warrior rank.


Species : : Eurasian Wolf.
Fur Pigment : : Lux's short, and scruffy fur is a silver-grey colour with black, cream and brown hues mixed into her coat.
Eye Pigment : : Lux's eyes are murky lemon yellow with brown lining the edges.
Height Lux is height is the average of a female Eurasian Wolf.
Weight : : Her weight is also the average of a female of her species.

Overall Appearance : : Overall Lux is an Eurasian she-wolf of average height and weight with silver-grey fur with black coloured markings lining her shoulders and back, going all the way down to her tail. On the back of her neck, in-between her shoulders, she has a white marking in the shape of a diamond. Her ears are a creamy-brown colour, and a dark grey streak runs up her nose, ending just before the space between her eyes. A dark grey colour lines the sides of her eyes, and her muzzle is a lighter shade of her base coat (which is silver-grey.) Due to training from a young age in her old pack, underneath her short and scruffy looking fur, Lux's frame is fairly toned and muscular.


Family : : No known family members in this pack.
Friends : : None yet.
Enemies : : None yet, and hopefully never.
Crush : : Lux has no special feelings for a certain wolf.
Mate : : Nor has she got a mate - or ever had one.
Offspring : : She hasn't had any pups either.


Personality : : Determined and brave, Lux is a she-wolf who never backs down when in battle. Even if the enemy is stronger than her, she'll fight to protect her pack. Her impulsiveness and courageousness often get her into trouble however, and once she's got her mind set on something it's difficult to change her mind. Lux is very friendly and loyal towards others, and considers the whole of the pack to be her family. She enjoys spending time with others, and loves to joke, and engages in conversation with her pack mates often, since she believes it's very important to retain good relationships with her pack mates. Lux also loves to explore, and hunt, even though she isn't very good at either.

History : : W.I.P


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