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Kapu the loner Empty Re: Kapu the loner

Post by Fenris on Mon Oct 13, 2014 2:38 pm

Kapu3584 wrote:Height: 7 feet 26 inches
Please change this. It is more than unrealistic for a canid to reach +2 meters. You may got the idea of making him that tall because, you´ve mentioned he is a dire wolf. I´m sorry but i have to crush your hopes. Dire wolves were not extremely taller than the wolves today, they just had another anatomy [their skulls/canines, etc weren´t the same with our wolves today].
So again, please change that or i will do that for you.
Kapu3584 wrote:Overall appearance: Kapu is a very large and well muscled male wolf, standing at 7 feet tall and 26 inches long, with the coat color as black as the night sky itself, he has unusual blue-ish yellow eyes that can be seen through the night and from a good distance away. He has a well groomed fur coat thats a little longer then most wolves, he has huge paws that make deep prints when and where ever he walks to. Hes fast and agile, hes great at hunting and fighting along with tracking.
And again, please change the part of him being 7 feet tall. However, you also need to add a few [119 words to exact or simply 19 when you provide a picture], since the biography template requires it.
Kapu3584 wrote:Perzona: Kapu is a aggressive, over protective, obsessive male wolf. He likes to be in control of everything and everyone. If he sees something he likes he will go out for it and not let it go untill his last breath. Once he picks you you are doomed because he never gives up. He likes to pick fights and never backs down. He thinks he has a demoned in side of him so he tends to talk to him self and debate with him self over a problem.
And again, You only provided us 87 words, instead of the 100 you need to. Please add a few sentences.

Other than that, i can simply advise you to take a look at your grammar again.
After you fixed those things i´ve listened atop, your biography will be accepted.

Edit: I think it´s safe to say that this biography is more or less acceptable. 
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Kapu the loner Empty Re: Kapu the loner

Post by Guest on Tue Oct 14, 2014 10:24 am

---- Biography moved to "Declined Biographies." » member banned. ----


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