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Post by Apache on Mon Oct 13, 2014 4:40 pm

☾ ♀ ƛթacħє ♀ ☽ Starin10


➤➤➤ To Be Recognized As


➤➤➤ Also Known As

Apache Comanche

➤➤➤ Masculinity


➤➤➤ Hour Glass

4 years, 6 months

➤➤➤ S.O.

Straight, yet she can swing both ways

➤➤➤ Origin


➤➤➤ Classification

Tundra x Himalayan Wolf

➤➤➤ Current Position


➤➤➤ Desired Position


☾ ♀ ƛթacħє ♀ ☽ Tumblr_mt7sg6ZJ0m1qf5ctvo1_500

➤➤➤ Pigment Texture
Lush, pampered thoroughly, medium lengthened. Her coat is rather thin during the warmest climates, then when the colder seasons arrive, her coat extends and is thicker to protect her as a second wet coat and also helps prevent her to suffer during the bitter, cold nights.

➤➤➤ Pigment Hues
Apache's colors don't necessarily have those light and sorrel hues as her equivalents did. However, she does mimic the black patterns an gray appeals from her father. With these mixed patterns of grays and blacks combined along her snout, tassel and nape, she can almost instantly blend in with the white background; snow. The forest isn't her source of coverage either, the greenery never strikes
 to keep her concealed for long, except during the night outlets. 

➤➤➤ Those Eyes
You could say that her eyes are nothing rare or unusual for her kind. Though she has those eyes that are not typically extraordinary either. Her twin pools don't differ in hue, but have the same final color of olive. Her eyes just blend easily with the nature leafs of the forest, so pure and stunning, like spring is there in her view.

➤➤➤ Elevation
Apache is no larger than a male Tundra wolf, she exceeds just the right height for a common Tundra female wolf.

➤➤➤ Mass
Almost average, but has put on some pounds for the weight for a female Tundra wolf of her species. Doesn't mean she's fat, but at least lean and healthy.

➤➤➤ Structure Build
Lean, healthy, strong competitor in the making. This female doesn't make haste for battle, but she is a strong individual when it comes to small hunts. She depends on her stamina and endurance, rather than strength to keep her legs moving.

➤➤➤ Markings & Scars
She has received a few minor injuries during her lone travels, but nothing too severe or fatal enough to hold her back. On the back of her neck she did have an involvement with her sister and yet her bite was ratherstrong and painful at the time, that it's almost a reminder of her sin. The past, he pain, she cringes if anything touches the back of her neck, the disks of her shoulders.

However, for her nature she does have a tribal tattoo along her right eye and her fore paws also have some markings as well. (Will produce once I upload and go to work! Very Happy)

☾ ♀ ƛթacħє ♀ ☽ Apache11

➤➤➤ Behavior
Apache is an individually, quiet-thinking canine that doesn't prefer much company in the beginning of any involvement with others. She tends to observe others with looming eyes, no interaction as she likes to get-to-know others in a different matter. She can be well put into a small group, large groups make her paranoid and she can be more than just a friend, or more than just an enemy. She likes to tantalize when she pleases to, enjoying moments where others stare at her and she doesn't like to blink an eye and she'd rather be approached, then having herself to do any honor. However, despite how quiet this female is, Apache can be very assertive when it comes o hatred and how new she may be to areas. Provocation can be different than cornering victims, even if she corners prey, she tends to devour those that mislead her, conquering her heart or her life. She is a tough-one and doesn't matter how much she is looked over, she makes her standing proud and her pride is high. Protecting those or allowing those to receive the karma, even if it means starvation, she can steal and she can even go on strike if others do not cooperate with her. Be friends with her and she'll be with you all the way. Be an enemy towards her and she will tear you inside and out, with every little inch of hatred inside her.

However, she is rather tempting to be
audacious on most occasions. It's more of a challenge to her, that speaks to her and lets her know that she can handle such a situation, despite if others tell her no, she knows that it would most likely be right and keep this female occupied and out of your hair. Even after such a success, she likes others hat do show pride; boastful about achievements in many ways than one.

➤➤➤ Her Voice
Complimentary, soft, vivid & pulsating at times. Apache's voice can be rarely heard unless she opens up to those she trusts or with those that trust her and want her to speak. Moving her lips would be another form of communication, or even her eyes can predict her emotions. Other than that, you'll be lucky to receive a greeting more than words can be expressed.

➤➤➤ Habits

  • Devouring game as the victim still breathes. She amuses herself hearing the mournful cries of those she takes the life from.

  • Gnawing upon bones, sticks and stones. She will take her jaws into command and gnaw every bone she polishes meat from. Even gnawing those she spars with, legs are her best targets of an animal to contain.

  • Concealing her own meals for later. She will walk a long distance to hide away from others.

  • Repeating herself, repeating names or even just teasing to see how foolish her comrades could be with her.

➤➤➤ Strengths
Endurance/agility, swimming, long distances, cooperative behavior, quick-thinking

➤➤➤ Weaknesses
Paranoia, Injuries upon herself or others.

➤➤➤ Thrills
Hunting, feeling the breeze stroke through her pelt, cooperation, intelligence, striking beauty, upper-canids

➤➤➤  Detestation(s)
Lack of cooperation, hostile canines, young lovers, lack of commitment, disturbing others' peace/nature.

➤➤➤ Family Tree

Sire - Kenan
Dame - Cheyenne
Siblings - Kajika, Pallatin, Rozene, Adsila

➤➤➤  Narration
Dawn. It was a very bright morning for the wolves down Comanche peak. The herds bellowed towards a new awakening and the wolves that thrived there longed and survived through the winter season without hesitation or lack of members to stay around much longer. The pack has grown now, more loners trek by and are executed beyond their imagination. At last, there were a pair burrowed in their own den, the male just outside, protecting the interior and blocking any breeze that may stir inside. The pack was greeted with five (5) newborns. All of them inherited their mothers and mothers genes, with some of the mothers even moreso. They were astounded and happily allowed nature to do her part, listening to the whistling wind and watching them nurture from the belly of the known leader. Arising, the male leader lifted his head and turned his body to peak inside and nuzzle each pup individually, his snout skimming across their tiny, fragile bodies gingerly. Smiling, the two partners nuzzled and greeted with licks as they were once again parents of the new year.

Weeks passed and the pups were still humble inside the den. Warm, snugged and soon their eyes will appear open and they will get to view their new and adaptive lifestyle outside the den, once they are old enough of course. The pack fed upon fresh meals daily, the mother filling up her hunger and reunited her pups for their hunger of satisfaction, the milk that gives them every nutritious value that would come. Kanen would mainly do the hunting with the others and the guards would stay behind, protecting the den from any danger. As there were many predators in the area, ranging from large to smallest. Bears were their main culprit t stealing slabs of meat from decaying carrions and even coyotes to be the other common lurkers, yet always tracked down and executed on the mark. Though it was scary, even with Cheyenne with her pups and concealing them under her thick fur and fluffed tassel, snakes were the scariest part of the year. They would slither passed the den and enter through cracks or burrows that leaked air into other parts of the den. Luckily, no snakes were able to sneak their way into the den to kill the pups or evens touch one by it's bare fangs.

Eventually the pups awoken weeks then later, opening their twin sapphire pools, looking amongst their new world. They were sneaky devils and their names were marked upon ones that haven't yet been establish in Comanche's Peak yet.  In order they were;

Kajika, Pallatin, Rozene, Adsila & Apache, three females and two males. A big experience, considering that the pack never had a large litter from previous years or even many males, they got lucky this time around and were pleased with the result. Cheyenne and Kenan named their children upon their behaviors, from the day they were born to the day they will leave. They had no regrets over the names and were never blindsided as they watched over them as they explored around the den. However, one day passed by and a thunderstorm brewed into the packs location with haste! The pack made their move and rested into their ordinary locations, under trees, somewhere in the camp site or next to the den. The pups huddled inside with their mother as the father laid just outside the den's core; drenched.  he lacked no motive, as the male was soothed by the cool rain, despite if the noises were disturbing his pace, the pups inside whined and yipped, shivering bodies now vibrating the belly of the mother as she allowed her maw to cover them gingerly, her tassel over them as a blanket to keep them not just warm, but safe. There would be sounds detected outside the perimeter, alarming the pack only for a hesitant matter, the herds wouldn't gather in the open and the predators weren't necessarily out-and-about either. Most likely other wolves were though and even though kenan made his mark, he would go and ward off intruding wolves. Every once in a while the Alpha male would return with new markings and wounds, not fatal but enough to seem gruesome.

3 months later, the pups have grown now and are able to explore within the perimeter of the den, unless with a guardian of the pack to keep an eye on the little ones as they play and explore. Apache and her sister Rozene bound off together to the lake, reuniting themselves with their father as he lounges by the bank. The pups attacked their father with playful nips and giggles, soon disturbing him from his peace and he rolls over, only to allow them to jump on him. The sisters play until it was time to return back to the proximity of the den, however, Apache wasn't the first one to go home and continued to wrestle in the grass with her sister. Though, found not listening the two were escorted back, grasped by their scruff of the father and guardian, making haste for supper.

Not only then, but the siblings would occasionally wrestle, but Apache was more wanderlust than her other brothers and sisters. She enjoyed being with nature than socializing, she was an introvert at times, quite shy to approach and yet she did become a bit left-out from the others. Her sister, that she also calls her best friend would come to her rescue and find her hiding spots all the time. "Apache, c'mon! Pappa and Momma are waiting for us!" She could still hear her voice, so soft and sweet, she was good-nature and always the one to invite and escort her back safely.  Even then she wouldn't follow half the time and would be evntually found by her father. "Apache, what's wrong? No need to hide, it's getting dark you should come home". Her fathers voice was burly yet softened enough into a whisper as he would sit by her if she refused. He wasn't assertive like the others, unless he would be. He was calm and content, soon he would nuzzle her to conceal any fear she would have. Escaping guilt of not returning home, she would crawl ou and walk alongside until she would be lifted from the ground as he prusued with fast movements. it was a quick screen; a slide-show as you must, it was interesting to watch the world go by fast.

As the months went by, the pups would be more in their own world as you could say. Rozene and Apache tail to tail, paw to paw. They were best friends that were on an imaginary leash; always following each other and yet little Apache was quiet still, little words would come from her. How she larned to talk to others was on her own time and own decision, Rozene was curious and would play fight her, even pinning her down to squeeze any quietness from her wouldn’t do the trick. Kajika would soon be apart of their little game too, the brother who was courageous and yet the more assertive one who was attentive to boss his sisters around. "Poor little sister cannot open her mouth, yet she can eat? But she can't speak..?" his words spattered at the end as he growled, coming a little closer, Rozene disallowed. "Protecting her, how cute! You know Pallatin and I have a game we'd like to play, but Adsila doesn't want to about you Apache?" he barged between him and Rezene, only to be now face-to-face with his sister. No words were escaping Apache's vocals as she backed up, almost into the water, her hinds paws seeping into the mud and as she looked away. *SPLOOSH!*, the ivory and charcoal female was pinned into the water by her brother, who was now drowning her. Rozene to the rescue, only to push him off and grab his tail, Apache lifted her head startled and shaking, she would look over with a glare. Seeing Rozene pinned as well, Pallatin cheering him on as more growling persisted, Apache tuned and lunged forth and bitten his back snarling. Yowls and yelps echoed and Kajika was stunned, astounded at what he felt and shaking his body, Apache released and rolled away, only to taste the blood from her brother.  "" he said surprised, only to then see their father come to their rescue. Kenan separated the pups, standing between Apache and Kajika, only her father was facing him, snarling. "Get back home, now!" the male Alpha demanded towards his sons and Rozene, watching them scamper with their mother back towards the den. Apache watched, seeing how her parents exchanged body languages and voices, hearing what they say and as he looked over, there was disbelief in his yes but he turned away and towards her. Sitting up, she licked her mouth and looked away. "Apache, did Kajika attack you?" a calm but concerned tone in his voice entered her eardrum and she nodded, slowly looking back over. "H-he, wanted to play a game.." her first words in a while escaped and his eyes widened lightly then squinted only to lick her face. "No more games, with him, understand me? No more..attacking either, you protected yourself, but your brother may have some serious issues lateron in all will and have to face indpendently. Rozene may be with you by your side now, but...maybe not for long", his words of wisdom made her look away in shame, only before she was told to come home. "C'mon, let's go back"

Almost a year and the pups travelled distances with their parents. They searched for their rendezvous sight in an instant, settling down not far from their designated location of their harvested den.  A place that was away from the peaks and more near a forest chasm, filled with lush greenery like a jungle, but more realistic towards the forest. Tall cedars and pine's, a canopy enriched with many leafs and the sounds of nature fulfilling the ears of lovers. Kajika's wound on his back healed over the months, now he has a scar where she left her mark and her warning. Exploring the new land development, Apache would be followed half the time by her brother, possibly looking for revenge over the previous months when she attacked. But she kept her ears pivoting at the various sound effects, she would tell the difference between noises just by being adaptive to her surroundings and the smells especially. She would hide or run, but mainly hide as if she would be seen, but she did forget that he lacks his sense of smell and hearing. With a coy grin, she watched as he scanned for her, but not seeing her anywhere in sight the male would return down the path, allowing the young fae to hop out of hiding and lope across to watch her brother scamper back. "Such a fool" she whispered as she shook her head, only to turn at the sight of glowing yellow eyes. "Huh?" These yellow eyes were not like hers or even her families, the smell was dull and a bit repulsive as she never smelled anything like it before and starting to back away she turned and ran down the path, soon spotting kajika. "Run!" she exaggerated a bit but yelled as she passed him. Glancing over her shoulder, her brother started to run and she thought to herself, 'was it a good idea to tell him? I could've let him suffer!' she snorted and turned her face forth and kept running towards the others. "Momma! Pappa!" she yipped, seeing them afar until *Gasp!*


➤➤➤  For The Future

Acquaintances - N/A
Comrades - N/A
Rivals/Enemies - None as of now

Secret Admirer - None
Partner - None
Offspring - None

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